Behind the Seams

  • Eileen Fisher's Organic Linen: Care & History

    When you think of Eileen Fisher it's likely you instantly think of linen. It's one of her original fabrics and is a major staple of her collections to this day. So, what gives Eileen's linen that icon status? 
  • Slow Fashion Brand: Flotte

    Have you ever wondered who makes the clothes you wear and in what kind of conditions? It used to be a real mystery. As our society moves towards more conscious consumption, brands are beginning to share the stories behind our clothing. This knowledge, along with our choices as consumers, can help make a positive difference for the people and resources involved in making our clothing.


  • Designer Spotlight: Habitat - Clothes to Live In

    Habitat Clothes to Live In was founded in 1999 by Suzanne and Rich Connelly. This husband-wife duo had been working in fashion and selling at trade shows on behalf of other brands for over 10 years. In all their time, they still weren't seeing or selling what their customers truly craved...