Slow Fashion Brand: Flotte

Have you ever wondered who makes the clothes you wear and in what kind of conditions? It used to be a real mystery. As our society moves towards more conscious consumption, brands are beginning to share the stories behind our clothing. This knowledge, along with our choices as consumers, can help make a positive difference for the people and resources involved in making our clothing.

This week we're highlighting Flotte, a French brand whose mission is to make bad weather much happier through rain gear that's eco-responsible, colorful, and just plain stylish.

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What is slow fashion? defines slow fashion as a "movement that advocates for environmental and social justice in the fashion industry. Its defining point is that it zeroes in on the problem of overproduction and overconsumption".

How is Flotte part of the slow/eco-fashion movement? 

Flotte’s raincoats are made completely of recycled materials! Their main fabric, recycled polyester a.k.a. rPET, comes from the recycling of plastic bottles, food packaging, and even worn-out clothing! In essence, their product is recycled and recyclable.

flotte recycled rain coats

Flotte Raincoats in Indigo, Citron, and Kelly Green
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How is Recycled Polyester (rPet) made?

After being collected, bottles and plastic waste are sorted and washed before being crushed and transformed into tiny granules. Following this process, Flotte can manufacture its 100% recycled textile fiber. This material ages slowly and is resistant to UV rays or bad weather. A real eco-responsible alternative, rPET has a quality comparable to ordinary polyester and nylon!

Amazing facts about Flotte and rPET

  • It takes 12-16 bottles to create a Flotte raincoat
  • 90% less water is used to make recycled polyester compared to virgin polyester
  • Plastic bottles in landfills take over 500 years to decompose
  • Half a kilo of rPET used reduces energy consumption by 84% and greenhouse gases by 71%
  • In 2021, Flotte upcycled 700 plastic bottles by turning them into raincoats

how is recycled polyester made

Want to see one of Flotte's raincoats in action? Head over to our Instagram...

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