New Brand Alert

Your choices make a difference:

Our purchases have power to change an industry that accounts for close to 10% of global carbon emissions. Our goal is to investigate the supply chains of the apparel brands we carry and in that process be transparent about their social and environmental impact. We are proud to partner with Zestt Organics. They click several boxes in our decision to bring the brand into the Lifestyles fold. First and foremost their products are well-made, beautifully crafted, super-soft and fold easily into a hard-working wardrobe. 


Brand Philosophy: 

Each zestt organics product is made with only 100% organic cotton, making it sustainable, biodegradable and easy to live with and care for. Each product also carries the GOTS seal, demonstrating that it is deemed organic from seed to store and contains no harmful chemicals or additives. Our textiles are naturally softened using time honored traditions of combing and washing, not from chemical softeners. Strict social standards ensure each piece is ethically made and free from child labor. The result is comfy, cozy products that are safer for your family and the artisans behind each piece.

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