Our Windows to the World!


It’s the busiest time of the year in retail and we’re gearing up for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday and anticipate a record weekend! But even more notable is what we are working on for our window displays just in time for The Victorian Street Walk weekend December 1-4, 2022. We feel honored to have won so many of the “Best Window” contests throughout the years. We try to “out do” ourselves every year. We decorate them with new themes that are usually centered around a seasonal and holiday calendar of events. Christmas and Hanukkah are by far our favorite time of year to be super festive and creative. The picture below is our very first display from 10 years ago. Men, women and children alike were stopping and gathering around to admire our handy work. We get a huge lift from the smiles we put on window gazer’s faces!! Our windows are also a “reflection” of our store’s aesthetic and our hope is to draw in new and returning customers alike. This year’s display will be our most spectacular yet! The scene will not stay within the confines of the store! We will bring the scene up through the windows and outside the building. The new displays will be ready for Small Business Saturday. We go to such great lengths with these windows as a way of saying thank you to the wonderful Saratoga Springs Community. We are fortunate to live and work here as it is a popular destination city year-round now. We are grateful to have a steady flow of foot traffic and a strong Chamber and Downtown Business Association who tirelessly work to create meaningful and exciting events to attract shoppers. We look forward to seeing your reaction on Small Business Saturday and beyond!