Happy New Year! The Retail Doctor Bob Phibbs Was HERE!

Happy New Year 2023!

I hope everyone survived the holidays and are getting their new year off to a great start! I know we sure are here at Lifestyles of Saratoga! We were fortunate enough to be visited by the one and only Retail Doctor, Bob Phibbs! He's just what the Doctor ordered! He's much better than an apple a day! If you are in the brick and mortar retail space then you most likely know about The Retail Doctor (and if you don't you should).He is extremely knowledgeable and personable. He began in 1994 to help the brick and mortar retail spaces not only survive but thrive.

Bob's Bob Phibbs is an internationally recognized business strategist, customer service expert, sales coach, marketing mentor, author of three books, and motivational business speaker. He works with retail Goliaths and Davids alike. His client list includes Bernina, Brother, Caesars Palace, Hunter Douglas, Lego, Omega, Hearts on Fire, Husqvarna, Vera Bradley, Yamaha - those are just a handful of the thousands of big and small brands like Lifestyles of Saratoga who trust Bob Phibbs’ unmatchable expertise in the retail space.

We want only the best for our retail space. And we think we do pretty well but Bob showed us so many invaluable tips and tricks that we are so thankful to be working with him. He's also a nice guy to boot! We're so excited to put some of his Midas touches into place!

All the Best,

Heidi Owen West